Curricular Aspects

1.1 Curricular Aspects 1.1.1 Institute Effective Curriculum Delivery & Institute Adhere to Academic Calendor to conduct CIE View Document
1.2 Academic Flexibility 1.2.1 No of Add on or Certificate Programme Offered  
1.2.2 Student enrolled in Certificate or Add-On Programme  
1.3 Curriculum Enrichment 1.3.1 Crosscutting issues relevant to Professional Ethics, Gender, Human Values, Environment and Sustainability  
1.3.2 Percentage of Student Undertaking Project work, field work, Internship  
1.4 Feedback System 1.4.1 Institute Feedback View Document

Student Enrollment & Profile

2.1 Student Enrolment and Profile 2.1.1 Enrollment Percentage View Document
2.1.2 Seat filled from reserved Category View Document
2.2 Student-Full Time Teachers Ratio 2.2.1 Student – Full time Teacher Ratio  
2.3 Teaching Learning Process 2.3.1 Student Centric Method  
2.4 Student Profile & Quality 2.4.1 Percentage of Full time Teachers against sanctioned posts  
2.4.2 Percentage of Full time Teachers with phd /NET/ SET View Document
2.5 Evaluation Process & Reform 2.5.1 Mechanism of Internal Assesment is transperent & Robust & Mechanism to deal internal examination Grievences  
2.6 Student Performance & Learining Outcomes 2.6.1 Teachers and Studnet aware of Stated PO & Cos and Attainment of PO & Cos  
2.6.2 Pass Pecentage of Student  
2.7 Student Satisfication Survey 2.7.1 Online SSS  

Research, Innovation & Extension

3.1 Resource Mobilisation for Research 3.1.1 Grant for Research Project View Document
3.2 Innovation Ecosystem 3.2.1 Institution has Ecosystem for Innovations View Document
3.2.2 No of workshop/Seminar on Research Methology, IPR, Enterpresnurship  
3.3 Research Publication & Awards 3.3.1 Number of Paper Published in UGC  
3.3.2 Books & Chapters, Published Papers in Conference  
3.4 Extension Activities 3.4.1 Extension Activites  
3.4.2 Award and recognization for extension activites  
3.4.3 Extension or outreach programme through NSS  
3.5 Collaboration 3.5.1 MOUs & Collaborative Activities for Research, Excahnge, Internship  

Infrastructure & Learning Resources

4.1 Physical Facilities 4.1.1 Institute Infrastructure & Physical Facilities & Facilities for Cultural, Sport, Games, Gymanisum, Yoga View Document
4.1.2 Avg Percentage of Expenditure for Infrastructure Agumentation
4.2 Library as Learning Resource 4.2.1 Library ILMS, Suscription for E resources, Avg Annual Expenditure for Purchase of Books & E-Resuorces, Percentage of per Day Library Usage
4.3 IT Infrastructure 4.3.1 Institute Frequently Update its IT Facility & Bandwidth of Internet connection  
4.3.2 Student – Computer ratio  
4.4 Maintenance of Campus Infrastructure 4.4.1 Avg percentage of expenditure on maintenance of Infrasturcture  

Student Support & Progression

5.1 Student Support 5.1.1 Student benefited by scholorship & Freeship by Govt & Non Governement Agencies View Document
5.1.2 Capacity building & skill enhancement initiatives taken by Institute
5.1.3 students benefitted by guidance for competitive examinations and career counselling
5.1.4 Institute Transperent Mechanism for student Grievances
5.2 Student Progression 5.2.1 Placement of outgoing student and Student Progressing to higher education
5.2.2 Student qualifying in Examination
5.3 Student Participation & Activities 5.3.1 Number of award or medals for performance in sport / cultural Activities  
5.3.2 Number of sport & Cultural event / Competition  
5.4 Alumini Engagement 5.4.1 Resgistred Alumini Association & Alumini Contribution  

Governance, Leadership & Management

6.1 Institutional Vision & Leadership 6.1.1 Governance of Institute with Vision Mission & Effective Leaddership as Decentralization & Participative Management View Document
6.2 Strategy Development & Deployment 6.2.1 Functioning of institute Bodies & Institute Strategic / Prespective Plan
6.2.2 Implementation of E Governance in the area of Application
6.3 Faculty Empowermnet Strategies 6.3.1 Institute Effective Welfare Measures for Staff & Institute Performance Apprisal System  
6.3.2 Teachers provided with Financial Support to attend conference workshop  
6.3.3 Teachers attending FDP STTP, IP, OP, RC  
6.4 Financial Management & Resources Mobilization 6.4.1 Institute Strategies for Mobilisation of Fund & Optimal use of Resources & Internal & External Financial Audits  
6.5 Internal Quality Assurance System 6.5.1 IQAC Contributed Significantly Institute Reviews its Teaching Learing Process  
6.5.2 Quality Assurance Initiative of Institute  

Institutional Values & Best Practices

7.1 Institutional Values & Social Responsibilities 7.1.1 Measures Initated of Gender Equity and Insitution celerbates or organises Days, Events & Festivals View Document
7.1.2 Institute with Alternate Source of Energy & Energy Conservation Measure, Facilities for Waste Managenment, Water Conservation Facility, Green Campus Initative, Disabled Friendly and Barrier Free Environment  
7.1.3 Quality Audit on Environment & Energy Regularly Undertaken by the Institution-1.Gree Audit/Environment audit, 2. Energy Audit, 3.Clean and Green Campus Initiative, 4. Beyond the Campus Environmental Promotion Activities(10) Energy Audit Report 2019-20