Curricular Aspects

1.1 Curricular Aspects 1.1.1 Institute Effective Curriculum Delivery View Document
1.1.2 Institute Adhere to Academic Calendor to conduct CIE   
1.1.3 Teachers of the Institution participate in affiliating University  
1.2 Academic Flexibility 1.2.1 Programme of CBCS / Elective  
1.2.2  No of Add on or  Certificate Programme Offered  
1.2.3  Student enrolled in Certificate or Add-On Programme  
1.3 Curriculum Enrichment 1.3.1 Crosscutting issues relevant to Professional Ethics, Gender, Human Values, Environment and Sustainability   
1.3.2 Percentage of Courses include Project work, Field Work, Intership  
1.3.3   Percentage of StudentUndertaking Project work, field work,  intership  
1.4 Feedback System 1.4.1 Institute Feedback on Syllabus  
1.4.2 Feedback Process View Document
  • Teaching-Learning and Evaluation.

  • Research, Consultancy and Extension.

  • Infrastructure and Learning Resources.

  • Student Support and Progression.

  • Governance, Leadership and Management.

  • Innovations and Best Practices.