Welcome to Central Library of SGOI COE & FOM.

Welcome to the Central Library of SGOI College of Engineering & Faculty of Management, Belhe. The main objective of central library is to provide seamless access to information to its users in a networked environment and to become a premier Learning Resource Centre in Engineering, Science & Technology and related areas. The library has rich collection of books on Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Electronic Engineering, E & TC Engineering, Engineering Science, Electrical Engineering and MBA. The collection includes text books, reference books, handbooks & CDs etc. The library has covering an area of 600 square meters. It has well designed and maintained stack rooms. The library database is centrally computerized for accession and renewals with smart card for the students and bar codes for the books for easy, secure and quick operation. . The facility of photocopying and printing is provided to the students at affordable rates. The library subscribes various reputed engineering databases.

Library E-Resources :

Sr no. Database/Digital Library:
1 Institutional Repository
2 NPTEL Video Lectures
3 DELNET ( Developing Library Network )
4 E-Document Repository

Institutional Memberships :

Sr no. Institutional Membership
1 DELNET, New Delhi
2 National Digital Library of India

List of Abroad Study Programs: