Other Facilities

  1. portable Water Supply
  2. Electrical Supply
  3. Institutions Web Site
  4. Notice Boards
  5. Post & banking/ATM
  6. Staff Quarters
  7. Rain Water Harvesting
  8. Establishment of Committee For SC/ST
  9. Compliance of the National Academic Depository(NDA)as per MHRD Directives
  10. Offering of skill Development Courese Approved by the Council
  11. Copies of AICET approvals(LOA and EOA of subsequentyears)obtainet sice Inception of Institution till date shall be placed in websait of the Institution
  12. Applied for Membership of the National Digital Library
  13. In the Class room availlable at least ONE Shall be a Smart Class Room per Department
  14. Backup Electrical Supply
  15. General Insurance
  16. Insurance for Student
  17. Public Announcement System
  18. Projectors in Classrooms
  19. Telephone & FAX
  20. Installation of Grid Connected solar Roottops/Power System
  21. Establishment of Internal Complaint Committee(ICC ) Committee
  22. Display board within the premises sa well as the website of the institution Indicating the feedback facility of Students and Faculty available in the AICTE Web Portal
  23. Participation in the National Institutional Ranking Framework(NIRF)
  24. Provision to watch MOOCS Courses through Swayam
  25. Establishment of Online Grievance Rederssal Mechanism
  26. Barrier Free Environment
  27. All Weather Approach (Motorised Road)
  28. Group Insurance For Employees
  29. Medical & Counseling
  30. Safety Provisions
  31. Transport Facility
  32. Appointemt of the Student Counsellor
  33. Establishment Grievance Rederessal Committee in the Institute & Appointment of OMBUDASMAN in the University
  34. Implementing Food Safety and Standard Act 2006 in the Institutions
  35. Frabication Facilty Laboratory (FAB LAB) Tinkering Laboratory/Innovation Laboratory
  36. Implementation of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan/ Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana(SAGY)
  37. Weather the Institution has implemented Safety and Security measures in the Campus
  38. CCTV Security
  39. ERP software
  40. First AID
  41. Sewage Disposal System
  42. Vehicle Parking
  43. Language Laboratory Min. 25 PC’s upto total Intake of 1000 Further additional 25 PC’s per inteake 1000
  44. Establishment of Anti-Ragging Committee
  45. Digital payment for all Financial Transactions as per MHRD Directives
  46. Implementation of Schemes Annouced by MHRD
  47. Waste Management and Environment Improvement Measures to Ensure a Sustanable Green Campus
  48. Institution Industry Cell
  49. Availabilty of Quality Sanitary napkins through Sanitary Napkin Veding machine and ensuring safe and environment friendly disposal of used sanitary napkin through sanitary napkin incinerator
  50. RO (Water Purification)